Sunday, November 22, 2009


a beautiful bike and foto by metrofiets, a frame builder in portland. they do dutch "bakfiets" style cargo bikes and the hopworksfiets is just one example of their exquisite hand work. check out this link to metrofiet's Flickr hopworksfiets gallery.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bike as altar

peace out to all my dead peeps

Bike Friday Head Badge

Performance that packs, bicycles that fly.

Makes me want a bike friday. This cool lady on her pink Friday makes me want one even more.

But really the folder I want is the smooth hound.

Anyone listening? Santa?

Fender Times

Wet weather must get fenders. Honjo or woodies?

That is the question.

B-18 Rides Again

My beloved brooks saddle, which was about 30 or so years old (coming off an old Raleigh 3spd), broke. The leather tore at one of the rivets and the result was uncomfortable, protruding metal in an unwanted place. So sad to see the old saddle expire, but so happy with the new one.

I decided on a flower embossed B-18, with special vertical springs. I love it- comfy and cute. Supposedly an early 1900's replica, this seat is a showpiece.

Dromarti and Sidi

These are Dromarti cycling shoes, Sportivo model. I really really really really like them. I just bought a pair of Sidi's though. Everyone says Sidi's are the best, but really, look at these Dromarti. Leather with leather lining. I can't believe I went for a synthleather instead. Ok, enough whining. I love the sidis already, but they're nowhere near as pretty as these.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

hand cycle roberts

Found this on Bike21. I see hand cranked bikes quite a bit, but this one really gets me. He reminds me of the homeless seniors I used to see from my window on Turk Street, lined up waiting for breakfast at the Curry Center. But he's not like them, he's totally kicking ass on his handcycle.

nite rider self portrait video

loving the new dual headlamp (mi newt 400) nite rider lights. they are bright enough for most roads and riding at night is super extra fun: less cars, no sunscreen, cool air.

Weird Machine by Ramona Wheelright

The other night I tried turning one light inward to take some night time self portraits. Here is a ridiculous and hilarious video of me on a dark trail with low visibility. it gets better near the middle when I adjust the light (black screen for a second or two) and start pedaling hard.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Chai Wallah

My dear friend Greg with whom i frequently exchange stuff asked me recently if I had a teapot for his new house. I did, a stainless steel 2L harmonica kettle in fact, that I never used. I rode the kettle on down to my friend.

Excuse me miss, is that a teapot up your bum?

Along the way, I stopped by the post office and when returning to the bike I saw two downtown ladies admiring my rig. When I approached, they asked if i was a chai wallah. I wish. "chaaaaiii, chaaaaiiii, chaaaaaiiii," I'd say.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fairytale Wedding

From NYC's Transportation Alternatives comes this gorgeous wedding photo. TA staffer marries long time member. Love.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Market Street Improvements

Photo credit: Neal Patel, SFBC

I am absolutely elated about the Market Street Improvment trials that will begin tomorrow by closing eastbound car access on Market, 7 days a week for the next 6-12 months. Last week, car traffic was backed up as traffic diverting signs were installed. Tomorrow, as I commute down Market Street, I'll ride with less cars, less stress and a big ass smile on my face. Here are a few questions that haven't been answered about this most awesome of city planning projects:
  • Will the west bound bikes be on the left of the west bound cars?
  • How will the right turns at 6th, and 8th be enforced (we all know signs and barricades aren't enough to stop eager and frustrated drivers)?
I'm so looking forward to tomorrow's commute and providing feedback on this brilliant project. Happy Day!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pass and Stow

I've got to have a front carrier because it's the best way to carry things. I have been trying a few racks out in search of the perfect match and my lack of success thus far has got me thinking about dumping a quarter grand on a pass and stow. Expensive, but considering it's got low rider pannier mounts, a hefty deck, and is hand filet brazed in San Francisco, it's not such a bad deal. Especially attractive is this image from their blog. I've got an affinity for p&s and for dead rats. Maybe this is a capybara.

Death Monsters Ahead

Guerilla activism courtesy of a special friend.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Foxy John's

My friend Kevin took this picture of Foxy John's in Dublin, Ireland, a holistic bike shop. Speaking of bikes and beer (and hardware), Tour de Fat is tomorrow. Snowball is all dressed up and so will be I. G'night and Cheers!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rivendell vs. Soma Part !

In August, I bought my first new bike since I've known anything about bikes and it was a lot of work. I knew I wanted a mixte, which narrowed the choices down to just three, or so I thought.

Soma Mixte
Rivendell Mixte
Rivendell Betty Foy

Turns out, I missed Riv's last call for their mixte regular- the $2000 frameset with heart shaped lugs that are so beautiful they make me cry.

But there was still the Betty Foy Rivendell, which also has heart shaped lugs and checks in at $1000 for frameset.
Betty's Lugs

And then the Soma a mere $450 for frame and forks.

A Good View of the Buena Vista

Coming Soon: Find out exactly why I chose what I chose.

All Dressed Up Nowhere to Go

If you read my diary you might know that I was planning a five day bike touring trip to Napa for the Princesa's wedding. The plan was foiled as my partner slept through the launch time and the safety buffer.

self portrait with sleeping dude

Desperate to make it to the event, I decided to go alone and take the bus to Santa Rosa and ride 30 miles the day of the wedding, which started at 4pm.

snowball waiting for the bus

Plan B was foiled too, as there were already two cyclists waiting at the first bus stop and when the bus arrived, there was only a double rack. I ended up driving a ZipCar to the wedding, but at least my date woke up in time to go with me.

Chicks and Bikes

Lately I've been thinking about what kind of bike blog I want to be. Thinking too much is no good, sometimes you've just got to act. So here's to one of my favorites. Chicks and Bikes, all pics nothing else. Special thanks to Chain Thug and Captain Crank for their beautiful montage of ladies with wheels. Visit often.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

San Francisco to St. Helena- Wedding and Wine!

Click map to view route

I'm going to the Princesa's wedding next weekend and just found what looks like a swell route from sausalito to st. helena, courtesy of a user. i'll be riding and camping and weddinging with Al Farid all weekend long. Any tips for the route before I go?

Update: Ride never happened due to sleepy man. Zipcar'd to Napa instead. Boo for no ride, although it probably wouldn't have been the best idea to cycle with the (Fake) Labor Day car crowd sharing the road.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kevin Cyr!

f' yeah! Click on the image to learn more about Kevin Cyr and the camper bike.

Monday, August 17, 2009

bicycle earrings

To All the Bikes I've Loved Before

I've been riding (and buying and fixing and selling) beautiful beater bikes for over a decade. It all started with the purple Schwinn Hollywood I bought myself for my birthday 11 years ago. The Hollyweird, as she is known, has been my main squeeze since then, up until this year when I busted her front hub. We've had an open relationship and she has never minded when I leave her for a while, because she knows I'll always come back.

From "Purps", the Hollyweird and the Pre-War Cruisers, to my Tenderloin collection, to the Garbage Bikes, to the Fish left for me on Dolores Street, there have been many cycles in and out my door. But I realize now, that I finally have the SOMA Mixte (custom touring build), now that I finally have a bike that really FITS me, that this is my first proper bicycle. She is a sweet machine that means business. No offense to Purps, but she's not going to take me to Tierra del Fuego. The new girl just might.

The new touring Mixte on a Sunday Streets ride. Although she's pretty, she's also rugged and ready for the long road.

Getting Technical- Wool Base Layers Kick Ass

I don't like spandex. I don't like synthetic fabrics. I don't like plastic. I LOVE a wool base layer for riding, though! Ibex Balance briefs and "support" bra are my new best friends. Even though I have to take them off for washing, I really don't want to. These items are light, soft, well cut, and keep me drier (while sweating) than cotton or any other fabric I've tried. It also seems they resist absorbing odor better than other fabrics. I am sold. If you are a bike shop in SF, you should carry these products. If you're a rider that's never tried wool, you should.

P.S. the balance briefs are out of stock until October 2009.