Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rivendell vs. Soma Part !

In August, I bought my first new bike since I've known anything about bikes and it was a lot of work. I knew I wanted a mixte, which narrowed the choices down to just three, or so I thought.

Soma Mixte
Rivendell Mixte
Rivendell Betty Foy

Turns out, I missed Riv's last call for their mixte regular- the $2000 frameset with heart shaped lugs that are so beautiful they make me cry.

But there was still the Betty Foy Rivendell, which also has heart shaped lugs and checks in at $1000 for frameset.
Betty's Lugs

And then the Soma a mere $450 for frame and forks.

A Good View of the Buena Vista

Coming Soon: Find out exactly why I chose what I chose.

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