Monday, August 17, 2009

To All the Bikes I've Loved Before

I've been riding (and buying and fixing and selling) beautiful beater bikes for over a decade. It all started with the purple Schwinn Hollywood I bought myself for my birthday 11 years ago. The Hollyweird, as she is known, has been my main squeeze since then, up until this year when I busted her front hub. We've had an open relationship and she has never minded when I leave her for a while, because she knows I'll always come back.

From "Purps", the Hollyweird and the Pre-War Cruisers, to my Tenderloin collection, to the Garbage Bikes, to the Fish left for me on Dolores Street, there have been many cycles in and out my door. But I realize now, that I finally have the SOMA Mixte (custom touring build), now that I finally have a bike that really FITS me, that this is my first proper bicycle. She is a sweet machine that means business. No offense to Purps, but she's not going to take me to Tierra del Fuego. The new girl just might.

The new touring Mixte on a Sunday Streets ride. Although she's pretty, she's also rugged and ready for the long road.

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