Tuesday, December 25, 2012

happy whatever

happy whatever sending my best out to you and yours for whatever it is you do this time of year. may your days be filled with family, friends, and cheer.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

good-bye brown girl in the lane and welcome bikeSD

my philosophy on blogging is that there are no rules.  I am beholden to no-one, not even myself, really.   As such, one of my "goals" for this blog is to feature all the other bike blogs that I read and love.  suffice it to say little of that coverage has happened, but before the moment slips away forever, I want to recognize Samantha Ollinger (Sam) and her now defunct blog, brown girl in the lane.
brown girl in the lane I met up with Sam for a ride during a trip to SD in 2011
Sam is an articulate and brave cyclist with a wry sense of humor, dispatching from sad diego, my home town.  I call it sad diego, because I find it tragic that such a beautiful place was designed for cars not people.  My approach to cycling there, live somewhere else.   Sam's approach is far more courageous and elegant.  She went from writing a scathing, funny blog, brown girl in the lane, to launching BikeSD, a non-profit bike advocacy organization for San Diego.  I am so happy and proud to see her energy transformed into what is sure to amount to improved conditions for cyclists in San Diego and which could make it one of the best cycling cities in the world!   Kudos, Beany!  love, 1 of the 190

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

md MD

md is a med student that needs a bike.  in her cohort is jg,  an old classmate of mine. he got a bike from me this year and recently referred md my way.  she is 6 feet tall and has a vintage classic style.    sure enough my bike collection contained a large frame peugeot mixte, which I have dialed in and tuned up for ms. md, MD.  here she is.  the seat will be about 3 inches higher for md!
made in france
made in france
le drivetrain
drivetrain with shimano positron 5 speed shifting
she is a cafe racer with red cloth tape and wood/leather bar end plugs
maroon cloth tape
i threw on a us army saddle bag for holding stuff
we took this little french pony for a test ride today and she posed for the camera at UCSF, md's school.
md MD
overall we hope md thinks this bike is
real nice.