Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All Dressed Up Nowhere to Go

If you read my diary you might know that I was planning a five day bike touring trip to Napa for the Princesa's wedding. The plan was foiled as my partner slept through the launch time and the safety buffer.

self portrait with sleeping dude

Desperate to make it to the event, I decided to go alone and take the bus to Santa Rosa and ride 30 miles the day of the wedding, which started at 4pm.

snowball waiting for the bus

Plan B was foiled too, as there were already two cyclists waiting at the first bus stop and when the bus arrived, there was only a double rack. I ended up driving a ZipCar to the wedding, but at least my date woke up in time to go with me.


  1. That's it, time for a new boy friend! (hint,hint) -A

  2. The Universe certainly was trying to tell you something! Who knows what ickyness was awaiting you on the trail. Next time will be better!