Sunday, November 22, 2009


a beautiful bike and foto by metrofiets, a frame builder in portland. they do dutch "bakfiets" style cargo bikes and the hopworksfiets is just one example of their exquisite hand work. check out this link to metrofiet's Flickr hopworksfiets gallery.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bike as altar

peace out to all my dead peeps

Bike Friday Head Badge

Performance that packs, bicycles that fly.

Makes me want a bike friday. This cool lady on her pink Friday makes me want one even more.

But really the folder I want is the smooth hound.

Anyone listening? Santa?

Fender Times

Wet weather must get fenders. Honjo or woodies?

That is the question.

B-18 Rides Again

My beloved brooks saddle, which was about 30 or so years old (coming off an old Raleigh 3spd), broke. The leather tore at one of the rivets and the result was uncomfortable, protruding metal in an unwanted place. So sad to see the old saddle expire, but so happy with the new one.

I decided on a flower embossed B-18, with special vertical springs. I love it- comfy and cute. Supposedly an early 1900's replica, this seat is a showpiece.

Dromarti and Sidi

These are Dromarti cycling shoes, Sportivo model. I really really really really like them. I just bought a pair of Sidi's though. Everyone says Sidi's are the best, but really, look at these Dromarti. Leather with leather lining. I can't believe I went for a synthleather instead. Ok, enough whining. I love the sidis already, but they're nowhere near as pretty as these.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

hand cycle roberts

Found this on Bike21. I see hand cranked bikes quite a bit, but this one really gets me. He reminds me of the homeless seniors I used to see from my window on Turk Street, lined up waiting for breakfast at the Curry Center. But he's not like them, he's totally kicking ass on his handcycle.

nite rider self portrait video

loving the new dual headlamp (mi newt 400) nite rider lights. they are bright enough for most roads and riding at night is super extra fun: less cars, no sunscreen, cool air.

Weird Machine by Ramona Wheelright

The other night I tried turning one light inward to take some night time self portraits. Here is a ridiculous and hilarious video of me on a dark trail with low visibility. it gets better near the middle when I adjust the light (black screen for a second or two) and start pedaling hard.