Sunday, August 30, 2009

San Francisco to St. Helena- Wedding and Wine!

Click map to view route

I'm going to the Princesa's wedding next weekend and just found what looks like a swell route from sausalito to st. helena, courtesy of a user. i'll be riding and camping and weddinging with Al Farid all weekend long. Any tips for the route before I go?

Update: Ride never happened due to sleepy man. Zipcar'd to Napa instead. Boo for no ride, although it probably wouldn't have been the best idea to cycle with the (Fake) Labor Day car crowd sharing the road.


  1. got a link to that route? I went to bikely and their search engine returns a completely blank page. lovely. maybe they use the same software as twitter.

  2. Try this Shane: is a buggy site for sure.