Monday, July 18, 2011

boy blog

fuck yeah bikes and beards is not a blog about biking to sf giants games. its is, instead, a beautiful tumblr about bikes and boys with beards. i like a good beard and i love bikes. this blog is a well done winner and unique enough to get my lazy bones to post here.

Friday, July 15, 2011

good luck charms

hello bike kitty
I notice a lot of seat charms around town. I wonder if there is a flickr group yet, anyone know?

Monday, July 11, 2011

one minute ride

today turning from market onto dolores I saw this pack of bmx kids and stopped to shoot their photo, just as they started rolling out.


They all lined up at 14th street waiting for the light so they could bomb the hill, something I do just about every morning (except i dont wait for the light, I either bomb it or stop at the bottom depending on the timing.)


so i made a quick decision to roll down the hill with them and video it. The result is 51 seconds of fun. If i reacted quicker, I wouldnt have had to shift gears up, as you will see near the end. bad videography and all, I find this really awesome.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

yuki rolls the manta ray

IMG950310 Yuki with the manta ray and mike's single speed lovely- photo by iron mike

Dear faithful readers and those new to wheelright,

This blog is about rides I don't take. this post, however, has a twist, it's about a ride I facilitated by loaning out one of my prized rusty possessions, the schwinn manta ray. This stripped down oversized stingray sports white wheels from a 24 inch hollywood and a special ape hanger specific basket. My friend iron mike wanted to roll with yuki, visiting from out of town, and she needed a bike. At 5 feet tall, Yuki fit perfectly on the manta ray (and the run a bout, but with 16 inch wheels,that bike isn't too practical for longer rides). We lowered the banana seat, and she was off, for about a 10 mile ride. It makes me happy to have bikes for friends. Next post, I promise, will be about a ride I take.

love, ramona wheelright

p.s. here is what a fully loaded manta ray looks like