Monday, February 22, 2010

un oho

P1060580Pop up men's fashion market on market street. bikes and hot guys included.

my pretty pony

my pretty pony
Seen at CCA. Snowball in the background with her old crunchy basket.

suntour thumb shifters are cool

suntour thumb shifters

Sunday, February 14, 2010

cycling in hayward

cycling in haywardthere are lots of cyclists in hayward. most of them are brown and ride on the sidewalk. In this shot, a typical hayward bicycle, parked in front of the salvation army on "50% all clothes" day.

Ladayna and Candice

ladayna and candice These twins were out for a night ride and were looking good!

the american dream

ok so this a british ad for hercules cycles, but it translates. found amongst an amazing spread of love on wheels at chicks and bikes.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1938 Colson Vogue

colson vogue-  ciao bella! adieu mon cherie

cargo bikes

the toyota matrix kicks ass. here a zip car matrix i rented to donate some bikes. it's loaded with 4 complete bicycles and some other stuff (=cargo). P1060118 In order for me to get more bikes, and cuz i got a ping pong table for the garage, it was necessary for me to thin out my collection. from 3 skip tooth sprocket bikes to one, plus two others, i am lighter and ready for frances and ping pong tournaments. goodbye old girls.

colson vogue
jc higgins whatever
schwinn hollywood
gary fisher montara

These bikes are all currently available at the bike hut.

Monday, February 8, 2010

somebody asked about my bike

Dear Readers,
I apologize that I never told you how my mixte worked out. I started a while back telling you I was building up a frameset and taking you on test rides. You know I chose a soma mixte. Here's how I set it up. Only thing missing in the foto is the fenders, which finally went on a week or so ago.

soma mixte frame set
soma sparrow bars
bar end shifters
shimano 650 brakes (they're gorgeous)
shimano 105 group
sugino cranks with 3 rings (i dunno the numbers)
some 7 speed freewheel
105 hubs with salsa rims
gold cable housing
b-18 embossed saddle
brown cloth tape grips
planet bike rack. us army backpack pannier bag
nitto mini front rack with wald basket on top (there's a whole story about the rack and andre. where are you andre?)
decals removed, head badge covered with lakshmi on a lotus

hand selecting every detail of my bike was quite a learning experience and has earned me some street credibility with bike nerds. graduating from found bikes to my own custom touring build has rekindled my cycle lust and left me wanting more. ready for my handbuilt (frances).