Sunday, August 30, 2009

San Francisco to St. Helena- Wedding and Wine!

Click map to view route

I'm going to the Princesa's wedding next weekend and just found what looks like a swell route from sausalito to st. helena, courtesy of a user. i'll be riding and camping and weddinging with Al Farid all weekend long. Any tips for the route before I go?

Update: Ride never happened due to sleepy man. Zipcar'd to Napa instead. Boo for no ride, although it probably wouldn't have been the best idea to cycle with the (Fake) Labor Day car crowd sharing the road.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kevin Cyr!

f' yeah! Click on the image to learn more about Kevin Cyr and the camper bike.

Monday, August 17, 2009

bicycle earrings

To All the Bikes I've Loved Before

I've been riding (and buying and fixing and selling) beautiful beater bikes for over a decade. It all started with the purple Schwinn Hollywood I bought myself for my birthday 11 years ago. The Hollyweird, as she is known, has been my main squeeze since then, up until this year when I busted her front hub. We've had an open relationship and she has never minded when I leave her for a while, because she knows I'll always come back.

From "Purps", the Hollyweird and the Pre-War Cruisers, to my Tenderloin collection, to the Garbage Bikes, to the Fish left for me on Dolores Street, there have been many cycles in and out my door. But I realize now, that I finally have the SOMA Mixte (custom touring build), now that I finally have a bike that really FITS me, that this is my first proper bicycle. She is a sweet machine that means business. No offense to Purps, but she's not going to take me to Tierra del Fuego. The new girl just might.

The new touring Mixte on a Sunday Streets ride. Although she's pretty, she's also rugged and ready for the long road.

Getting Technical- Wool Base Layers Kick Ass

I don't like spandex. I don't like synthetic fabrics. I don't like plastic. I LOVE a wool base layer for riding, though! Ibex Balance briefs and "support" bra are my new best friends. Even though I have to take them off for washing, I really don't want to. These items are light, soft, well cut, and keep me drier (while sweating) than cotton or any other fabric I've tried. It also seems they resist absorbing odor better than other fabrics. I am sold. If you are a bike shop in SF, you should carry these products. If you're a rider that's never tried wool, you should.

P.S. the balance briefs are out of stock until October 2009.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

my baby

visited pedal revolution on saturday to check in on the build up. made a few adjustments, set the stem height and got a glimpse of my soon to be new PUV. Adjustments include:

switch xt r deraileur for 105
ace the hideous shimano quick release axles
fancy brake levers
sparkle gold housing

this bike is insanely gorgeous. very exciting.

yahoo camera bike spotted

Saturday, August 1, 2009

fashion wheel: Helmets

Originally uploaded by warbin k
I've noticed lately that helmet style is gaining ground. since I became interested in taking self portraits on bike and involved in bike journalism, I realized I was at a cuteness disadvantage compared with the dutch and danish that don't have to ride amongst cars like I do and don't (have to) wear helments. sunday streets and other rides and events I can be safe without my lid and the rest of the days, well there's fashion, style and innovation to be had from the helmet.

the biggest trend: skateboard style 'mets. bern, nutcase, and a bunch of others are on the scene and even I want a gold molded visor bern to match my new PUV (personal utility vehicle). and then there are covers and adornments to liven up any old helmet.