Monday, April 30, 2012

dear cyclists, cops are not your friends

i've heard it before, but the bias toward cars on the part of SFPD that I experienced today was shocking and frustrating nonetheless. 

image found on fb, if you know who deserves credit, speaks up.

 after being passed by an suv on fillmore this afternoon, I took the lane in front of said vehicle at the next stop light, to be safe from him trying to pass me again on the next block, post st, where I would turn left.    after taking the lane and signaling left, the car passed me on the right and stopped next to me at the red.  A motorcycle cop that was behind the suv (i thought the car driver would behave with a cop behind him!) then pulled up on my left at the light, and told me that I had to stay to the right of the lane.  I disagreed and he threatened me by asking if I wanted him to give me "a ticket so I could go to court and find out" if I was right about cyclists having full use of the lane.  of course I responded no, even though I knew I was right.   The cop also told me some other bull shit and expressed that because I took the lane, the car "had to pass me on the right",  which is illegal of course. Not to mention that he was "passing" me to stop at a red light right in fucking front of him.   Rather than engage with such an ignorant and biased man with a badge and a gun, I pulled over and proceeded in another direction while mouthing at him, "fucking pig", which he is among other expletives.    don't be fooled dear cyclists, sfpd are NOT your friends, indeed the truth is quite the contrary.

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  1. They suck. Turn him in. I didn't get far when I dealt with OCC but... It went in the officer's file and he has been piling up those complaints. It will catch up with him. Hard.