Monday, April 9, 2012

building the mercian: bottom bracket and cranks

back in november 2010, i bought a mercian frame and fork set at the bike expo and offered that I would blog about the project here. For those of you that have been waiting 1.5 years for me to start this project, I apologize. for those of you psyched to join the adventure of building a bike, i welcome you. This will be a chronicle in mechanics, tools, parts, and challenges and stereotypes specific to women cyclists.

Let me state for the record that I AM the family mechanic, and can do most bike repairs myself. I have a stand and tools and a well researched base of knowledge. I have street credibility from "building" snoball, although all I really did with her was pick every part and have a shop put it together for me. this time I want to employ my skills, learn, and advance to the next level in cyclist clout. I will do as much of the work myself as is reasonable. I plan to assemble, adjust, and then have an expert fine tune.


For those of you faint of heart, please be aware that I fully expect that this project will not be easy and out the gate it already is not, but challenges are for overcoming! the headset was already in place when I bought the bike and so here begins the rest of the process:

Step 1- bottom bracket. my son greg gave me a campagnolo bottom bracket to use for the mercian. I wanted him to give it to me and to lend me the tool, but he told me it would be risky for me to self install. so I let him do it, but was a little frustrated because many times in my life men have actually taken the tools from my hands when I am doing repairs in their valiant efforts to do what is stereotypically a man's work. phhh. I let him do it anyway because I really didn't want to fuck up my new frame and figured I could concede when it makes sense.

Step 2- crank. I had a set of campy cranks and this time the tool i needed was an allen wrench. easy! turns out the size was uncommon so i had to borrow the allen key to install the cranks. that was a cinch.

Stay tuned for the next step, building the wheels!

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  1. Next time you should do it. I installed the bottom bracket on my 1970 Peugeot Mixte. I had a "coach" at the local co-op and he explained how it was done but let me do it on my own. It took me a long while to get the threads lined up but I finally did it. It's not that bad.