Wednesday, July 6, 2011

yuki rolls the manta ray

IMG950310 Yuki with the manta ray and mike's single speed lovely- photo by iron mike

Dear faithful readers and those new to wheelright,

This blog is about rides I don't take. this post, however, has a twist, it's about a ride I facilitated by loaning out one of my prized rusty possessions, the schwinn manta ray. This stripped down oversized stingray sports white wheels from a 24 inch hollywood and a special ape hanger specific basket. My friend iron mike wanted to roll with yuki, visiting from out of town, and she needed a bike. At 5 feet tall, Yuki fit perfectly on the manta ray (and the run a bout, but with 16 inch wheels,that bike isn't too practical for longer rides). We lowered the banana seat, and she was off, for about a 10 mile ride. It makes me happy to have bikes for friends. Next post, I promise, will be about a ride I take.

love, ramona wheelright

p.s. here is what a fully loaded manta ray looks like


  1. If I could have had one of those when I was young kid instead of an old kid like I am now I probably wouldn't be so twisted.

  2. so oldfool, you didn't have one as a kid because you were already an adult by the stingray era? p.s. nothing wrong with twisted, I think.