Wednesday, December 12, 2012

md MD

md is a med student that needs a bike.  in her cohort is jg,  an old classmate of mine. he got a bike from me this year and recently referred md my way.  she is 6 feet tall and has a vintage classic style.    sure enough my bike collection contained a large frame peugeot mixte, which I have dialed in and tuned up for ms. md, MD.  here she is.  the seat will be about 3 inches higher for md!
made in france
made in france
le drivetrain
drivetrain with shimano positron 5 speed shifting
she is a cafe racer with red cloth tape and wood/leather bar end plugs
maroon cloth tape
i threw on a us army saddle bag for holding stuff
we took this little french pony for a test ride today and she posed for the camera at UCSF, md's school.
md MD
overall we hope md thinks this bike is
real nice.