Friday, May 11, 2012

on the wiggle

my friend lawrence created this awesome pop jingle as a public service announcement for one of san francisco's best known bike lane secrets, the wiggle.  Snoball and Ramona are featured all over this video, can you see us?


back in the day before there were bike lanes, the wiggle was identifiable by riding from the intersection at duboce and church toward the panhandle- by always selecting the flattest direction of travel at each subsequent intersection. Now, as of yesterday, BTWD, the wiggle not only has a jingle with a video, it has has painted sharrows at Waller and Steiner,  one of the most controversial intersections on the route, to alert drivers that this is a bike route and to advise them of the cyclist's probable path

. Wiggle it
photo credit: caltexican

Great advocacy work, Lawrence (for the Wiggle PSA) and the Bike Coalition (for the sharrrows and bike lanes)!

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