Saturday, December 11, 2010

made in milano

made in milano meet frenchie's italian cousin. Hand made by emilio bozzi for legnano in milano. swoon.
P1070686 this mixte is exquisite all decked out in campagny.
nice bike, lady after seeing the legnano locked to a pole and shooting away, i got lucky enough to see her glide down 18th Street. I ran to the stop light to get this shot. click. happy day.


  1. eh ciao frenchie's cuzinnnn -- me likes!!!

  2. Hi Ramona!
    Mai over @ tweeted your post asking if it was me and my beloved Legnano and it certainly is! Happy to find your blog! I already follow Meli's blog and maybe someday we'll all cross paths in real life out on the streets.
    ---ci vediamo, patti
    P.S- Do you mind if I cross post over at my corner

  3. Hey Patti! Love your bike and your blog. Cross post! And see you on the streets. ciao bella!