Sunday, November 7, 2010

tea time

i gots a mercian frame and fork (with crusty campagnolo headset) at the bike expo yesterday. this photo is the epitome of mercian imo. enjoy and look forward to some bike building chronicles here on wheelright. Cheerio!

tea in the park
photo credit: manchesterwords


  1. very nice. i'm bummed i didn't get a chance to meet you at the expo, i was hoping to meet some of you sf riding ladies. eva told me you were around but i must have missed you. hopefully i'll get a chance to see you on the streets of the city and say hi.

  2. hey city girl, sorry I missed you at the expo. Eva mentioned you and I was like, yeah ive heard of cgr, but I don:t know her....yet. now you:re on the radar so I am sure it will be a matter of little time before we meet and ride these lovely roads together. cheers!

  3. aw, thank you for the nice words on the post. i'm really looking forward to riding these road with you and all the other lovely ladies out there. also, i'm looking forward to the work youre going to be doing on the mercian. that's going to be a fun project. good luck!