Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Belated Let the Games Begin!

I first found Let's Go Ride a Bike (LGRAB) searching the interwebs for images of Betty Foy, a rivendell mixte.  LGRAB is one of my favorite bike blogs, offering up beautiful images and impeccable taste in bikes. Trisha navigating Nashville and Dottie in a dress pedaling through Chicago in the snow are two of the things that make the world a good place.  Needless to say, in true procrastinator form, I am making a last minute dash to enter the LGRAB summer cycling games.

Here we go:

Group Ride- 22 miles to Maker Faire

I'm on a little bikey bloggy san francisco email list and Gwen asked if anyone wanted to ride to the Maker Faire.  48 emails later, 13 of us met up for a coffee, picnic lunch and ride.

This is me, photo by the lovely Meligrosa of  Bikes and the City.

ramona rides to SFO

Here's  a shot of some of the group in front of me:

Lisa Marie, maker of Hambone bike bags, even looks cute from behind

and some more of the group behind me:

Gwen, producer of bike fashion shows and more, and Kristen

We rode through the city and past SFO, our international airport.  Nice to find out you can ride a bike to the airport, easily.  Helps make my dream more realistic: ride to airport, fold and put bike in suitcase, go far away, ride bike.  sigh 

airport bound
Adrienne Johnson of Change Your Life Ride a Bike and Vélo Vogue
The best part of the day was seeing this guy realize that the model in the magazine in front of him,  was also standing in front of him.

Ms. Grosa

Meli handles the Glitteratti with style.

Meli G greets fans

Bike Date- Meeting KT for Mimosas

For my next athletic cycling adventure, I went on a bike bloggy business date with KT of Vélo Vogue

We met for mimosas at Cafe du Soleil

Ms. Wheelright @ Cafe du Soleil

both looking fabulous in complementary solid color dress/ cardigan combos


and we sat in the sun next to Moses, the grey parrot, and his mom Jen, a self proclaimed crazy bird lady

moses and the crazy bird lady

At the end of the date I tried to convince KT to take Papi the Chihuahua home with her


Thanks KT for a great bike date. 

Super thanks  LGRAB for the fun contest!!!!!