Friday, April 16, 2010

Electra's Ticino Mixte is Alright

Actually this bike is pretty excellent. The 20spd version comes with a 105 grupo, hammered alloy fenders, bar end brake levers, panaracer tires and more. It's a road worthy cycle that screams comfort. The head tube higher than the seat post means a relaxed riding position. When equipped with high quality components the ticino may be a true country cycle. I just wonder about the frames. It seems the cheaper models are aluminum (boo) and the top of the line frames, alloy. Is the ticino too good to be true?

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  1. I test rode this bike, but accidentally deleted my pictures of the ride and my close-ups. What struck me as strange about it, is that the geometry is actually too relaxed for the sort of bike it is. Dutch-bike geometry, with the feet way in front of the saddle.