Sunday, March 28, 2010

snoball update

new look for spring

Below is Snoball when she was a baby. A lot of things have changed since then (she was born in August 2009). Lately, she's wearing a red paper flower on her stem. She's got fenders a front carrier and basket now. Her old brooks saddle broke so now she wears a ladies flower embossed b-18. She recently became a francophile and traded in her soma sparrow bars for some phillipe bars. They're awesome.


Since her early days she's been rolling the planet bike rear carrier with army pannier bag, her polka dot scarf, the water bottle cage (from kathleen!), and pump for road rides. Early on I also covered the horrendous SOMA painted "headbadge" logo with a lakshmi on a lotus decal. She feels so me now, but like everything she's always changing.


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