Monday, August 23, 2010

the electric arc bike or something like that

look what I spotted the other day on market street.   he was so fast all I could do was shoot, and he was gone.


a good night in the bike garage

yes, it was.
some might say i have a problem
do you think i have a bike problem?

we are traffic

what if all these people were in cars?

bike in the basket

the best thing about bikes is that they carry things, namely the rider, but also other things. I'm not of the messenger bag wearing, heavy ass load on my back carrying variety, so baskets and racks and panniers are important to me. let the beast carry the burden I say. here's a shot of me carrying home a bike with flat tire, in my basket. vintage, 2006 or so.

vintage ramona

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

downhill races

wheeeeeee! I think this is the phillipines, but not sure. doesn't matter cause is rad.