Wednesday, April 25, 2012

this is san francisco: the outside lands

golden gate park is in fact a gateway to the pacific ocean running west through san francisco. the 3 mile park was planted with hundreds of thousands of trees to create a root structure that would stabilize the natural sand dune topography of the area, once known as the outside lands. Now this route is all park and then ocean.
  green means go
bicycle and pedestrian signal at panhandle and masonic. watch out for cars running their red arrow when you have the green.
as you cruise the panhandle bike path be aware of hippies, dogs, and other road users. P1050341
westward toward the ocean
on sundays without cars
tall boy
All the way to the mighty pacific
where the great highway should be the boardwalk.
san francisco love.

This post is a collablogorative effort to showcase San Francisco neighborhoods. Sister posts can be found at Velo Vogue and Change Your Life Ride a Bike.

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